My video tribute to inspirational trainer and trade unionist Brian Kelly who tragically died in April 2013.

To watch the video click here.


The late Brian Kelly was the Training Officer with BECTU - the Media and Entertainment Trade Union - for almost 10 years.

I filmed this video footage in 2007 and I have edited it down since his death to an hour long tribute & eulogy to a very special man who I greatly admired.

It features Brian doing two of the things he enjoyed most - delivering a training workshop and connecting with people in the process. On this occasion with several Union Learning Reps on the Electric Barge in London.

As such it is an 'historical' document(ary) and very much of it's time.

However, it continues to raise questions and offer solutions that address working people's learning and educational needs and their ongoing engagement with the trade union movement.

My thanks to Jean Kelly, Brian's widow, for her support, blessing and permission to upload the video and to Chris Chapman who helped greatly with the final online edit.