Ancoats, Manchester  "I was born and brought up there.....

 ...and have been doing some research as to how it has been depicted and described by writers and artists over the years.

I've bought another image of Ancoats Hall - a Tudor Manor House demolished in the mid 19th century.The print is dated 1819.


Here is a framed print of Ancoats Hall I bought in a charity shop. I took it out of its frame and its old with a watermark on the rear in the shape of a latch. I've found a couple of images of the Hall on Google - looks like the Hall is built in the Tudor/Elizebethan period and the figues are wearing 18th century clothing - but I've no idea of its whereabouts or the name of the church in the background.

Have a look and let me know if you have any more information.


Ancoats Hall - Garden front



 Ancoats Hall print in closer detail 


The unusual drawing of a latch on the reverse side of the print

Ancoats at the turnof the 19th century.


Below is a somewhat foxed print of Ancoats 1905 by Frank Lewis Emanuel from his Manchester Sketches published by the Manchester Guardian in 1906.



 Some of my photographs taken around Every Street in 1980


 The University Settlement Roundhouse c 1980


                                              Every Street School


                                                   Every Street School



 On a recent clear-out of Dad's garage I came across this brick which he'd salvaged after the demolition of the building where he'd gone to school.

                                   Ardwick Lads' Club, Palmeston Street




                                                      Every Street