A 20 minute promotional documentary produced in 1993-4 as the first output of KBS Productions for The Greater Manchester Play Resource Unit, affectionately known by all its friends and supporters as GRUMPY. It can be viewed here

The Unit where the filming took place is now closed following a fire in 2008,


Grumpy is a charity for which I've been a trustee for over 30 years and whose work continues to be close to my heart. It was shot on hired S-VHS equipment during the summer and autumn of 1993 by Jim Hallworth on camera and myself as sound recordist and director.

Just call me Nick Broomfield!

Working to an agreed brief with Steve Duckworth, (pictured left) who was then GRUMPY's Marketing and Fund Raising Manager, the video outlines the project's history,structure, philosophy and its day to day operation.

We filmed a number of organised play schemes, special needs classrooms where creative use was being made of recycled materials, interviewed business people who'd donated the materials, alongside talking to workers, volunteers and users of the GRUMPY Unit.

There was a lot of good footage and we were a bit spoilt for choice so over the next few months we cut together a twenty minute video. We were able to feature the Madness track 'House of Fun' over a busy montage sequence and Durutti Column provided the music for the rostrum scenes of the organisation's history.

Editz, John Wood Sound and Granada Television were all very helpful in completing the final version. Beverley Ashworth, at the time a well known Granada TV presenter and who now incidentally, amongst many other interests, runs an actors' voice over agency Tongue and Groove agreed in her usual generous fashion to narrate the commentary for free.

GRUMPY's old premises in Vaughn Street, Gorton, Manchester

The video proved a great success and was instrumental in several fund-raising and public relations campaigns. In fact it was used up until the last couple of years exactly for this purpose.

Steve Duckworth has the final word,

'For a very small investment we re-cooped many, many times our initial outlay by way of successful grant applications and donations. The issues and solutions offered in the video are as relevant to-day as they were then'.